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Atlas «Flora and fauna of the White Sea»

Флора и фауна Белого моря: иллюстрированный атлас /
под ред. А. Б. Цетлина, А. Э.Жадан, Н. Н. Марфенина. — М.: Т-во научных изданий КМК, 2010. — 472 с.: 1580 ил.

The illustrated atlas of marine creatures of the White Sea waters includes photos and short articles on 285 species of the marine flora and fauna: their morphology, biology, ecology, behavior and biotopes, and also differences from similar species.

The atlas designed for biological investigation, practical studying of marine biology during field excursions organized for students, specialized in biology, and at the same time for everybody, who are interested by marine life, like tourists and divers.