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23 декабря, 2015

Summer school

The White Sea Biological station (WSBS) of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) offers 3-week field course in embryology of marine invertebrates 13 June – 03 July 2016

The Course will be lab-oriented with daily lectures on various aspects of invertebrate development. The students will learn the methods of culturing of marine invertebrates and will be taught how to document the development using traditional illustration techniques and digital photography and video. The students will also carry out simple individual projects on development of a particular species. The main goals of the individual projects are to demonstrate various methods and approaches in experimental embryology such as immunocytochemistry and confocal microscopy and pharmacological modulation.

More information:

We plan to study the development of approximate 35 species from 10 invertebrate phyla (Porifera; Cnidaria; Annelida; Mollusca; Lophophorata; Nemertea; Arthropoda; Nematoda; Echinodermata; Tunicata). All species are easy accessible in close vicinity of the station and can be collected either in the intertidal one or by the scuba divers. Similar course was organized at WSBS in 2010, please find more information about it here:

Applications are invited preferably from graduate students however well qualified undergraduate student as well as early career post-docs and researchers interested in embryology of marine invertebrates, may also apply.

LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION: ENGLISH. No formal test results are required (such as TOEFL), however, all applicants are expected to have good English language skills.

Student costs
TUITION: The course tuition is 400 Euro, however, it may be partially covered by the WSBS, for students facing financial constraints.

1) Cover page with personal data (please download from this web page, complete, sign, scan and return as TIF,.jpg or PDF file );
2) A one-page personal statement, describing how this course will help advance applicant’s educational goals and career;
3) Curriculum Vitae (please, do not include reprints);
4) One letter of support from a person most familiar with applicant’s work.
Letter of support may be sent directly from the referee’s e-mail address. Alternatively, a signed letter may be scanned and sent electronically by the applicant;
5) Statement of financial need, if applying for support from the WSBS.
Complete applications should be sent electronically to the following e-mail address: with the following subject: “EmbryoCourse+your last name”.

Application deadline: February 15, 2016
Acceptance announcement: March 15, 2016
Applications will be acknowledged once they have been processed.
For additional information contact

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