Беломорская биологическая станция МГУ имени М.В.Ломоносова
18 декабря, 2012


Construction of the new Divers' House and of one more new house has been completed!

Construction of the new building of the Divers’ House, for decades a dream of many generations of WSBS divers, is now a dream come true. In the middle of December 2012, contractors have completed the construction of the Divers’ House together with another new house and they were accepted by WSBS MSU.  We are proud to present them:

While builders worked on these facilities, the WSBS technical support workers also worked hard: they extended new heated water and sewer lines to the lower and the upper bath houses, the Zenkevich house and to two other dwelling houses which makes it possible to maintain their water supply and drainage in winter.

As a result, the biological station has got more houses for comfortable living in colder times of the year!

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