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30 января, 2012

Volunteers needed!

WSBS MSU needs volunteers for aquarial system maintenance

Required maintenance works for the biostation aquarial systems during the summer season (from mid-June to mid-September):

1) Keeping the small aqarial building clean: sweeping floors, drying the air in the premises with a fan (if available), getting rid of garbage left by users.

2) Looking after water flow functioning in tanks, eliminating blockages and leaks, using taps to adjust water pressure in tanks, making sure there is water in storage tanks, and replacing broken taps.

3) Monitoring of the operation of the pump in the booth on the pier: cleanig the water intake filter when water supply of the aquarial building drops, taking measures when hoses go off.

4) Maintaining procedures of the aquarial facility usage: keeping logs of tank usage (a list of users, their start dates of using the water-flow tanks), tagging the tanks, cleaning the tanks after the end of usage, preventing users from putting their animals in tanks belonging to others, and resolving conflicts.

5) Looking after the equipment in the exposition aquarium system: monitoring continuity of the pump functioning, turning the system off  in case of problems with electricity (so the fridge will not self-freeze), and keeping required temperature levels in the tanks.

6) Maintaining the appearance of the exposition aquariums: getting rid of dead animals and algae, adding new animals if required, improving appearance of the exposition, and cleaning tank glass walls.

7) Helping visitors use the aquarial facility appropriately: taking species collected by divers, temporarily hosting new animals, taking animals out from exposition aquariums at the request of professors, and if you like, telling visitors more about the animals in the tanks.

8) Looking after the animals in the tanks, taking action in case of their poor condition. Possibly, feeding the animals.

9) If you like, and provided that there are required materials, participating in modernization of the aquarial system.

Contact: Andrei Prudkovsky —

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