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24 января, 2012

New opportunities at the WSBS

We invite you to work on a new confocal microscope

The WSBS MSU now has a confocal laser scanning microscope Nikon A1. We collect applications for work on the microscope to be able to plan the summer-autumn season efficiently.

The microscope will be available for work from the beginning of June to the end of October, with the exception of the dates of the Summer School on Comparative and Functional Neuroanatomy and Neurobiology of Invertebrates (August 28 — September 8, 2012).

To use the microscope, you need to submit your application to Elena Vortcepneva ( by February, 20, 2012. The application should include:

  • name of the institution where you study / work;

  • goals and objectives of the work (in two sentences);

  • dates of stay;

  • scope of work;

  • previous experience of working with confocal microscopes; and

  • need for reagents.

From June 17, 2012,we will conduct a three-day workshop together with the Nikon specialists on working with the microscope at the WSBS MSU.  To participate in the workshop, you should also submit an application to Elena Vortcepneva.

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