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26 июня, 2011

MegaFon network coverage at the WSBS

MegaFon, a mobile operator, is going to put into operation its tower at the White Sea Biological Station settlement. The coverage will enable to use your mobile phones anywhere in the settlement.

You will no longer have to go to the «good coverage spots» at the windmill or the pier. The only downside is that the tower belongs to the MegaFon Karelian branch, not to the Murmansk one. Our usual phone calls to the city of Kandalaksha, both landline and mobile, will be considered as long distance cals. The WSBS staff has already noticed that talks with other cities have become twice as expensive as it was before the installation of the tower,  when the connection from Murmansk was scarce, but cheap.

Вышка с антенной карельского Мегафона


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