Беломорская биологическая станция МГУ имени М.В.Ломоносова
13 марта, 2012


New data on the WSBS climate in winter

The expedition of meteorology students at the MSU WSBS, in February 2011, encountered cold temperatures dipping below -30 C, and problems in the biostation electric power system. Nevertheless, the mission was accomplished. Similar to the previous winter, the equipment registered a significant difference in air temperatures at sea level and at the elevation of the Rugozerskaya hill. It turns out that the higher the temperature is taken, the warmer it is. This time the temperature difference between sea level and 30 m height was extremely significant: when it is -25C at the biological station, it is 0 C at the top of the hill! Yes, zero degrees! How this happens is yet to be explained; however, the WSBS staff can benefit from it and walk up the hill to warm up 🙂

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